Early Residents Honor Roll

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EarlyRes1webThe EARLY RESIDENTS HONOR ROLL honors those whose integrity, hard work and belief in the future shaped the town of Kalispell.

These are just some of the people who created the legal, judicial, civic, industrial, religious and educational foundations of our Valley.







Brassett, Albert
Brinkman, Fredrick Adolph
Corette, J.
Cutler, A.B.
Davies, Lena Stahl
Ford, James A.
Gilbertson, Harold M.
Gilliland, B.B.

Gilliland, C.B.
Gilliland, Samuel B.
Hollensteiner, Arthur Walter
Jordan, Walter
Jordan, Minnie Front
King, Andrew Jackson
King, Dean
Larson, Hans

McKinney, Ann Moser
O’Connell, E. Jean Hollensteiner
Robbin, Knute
Sherman, John
Stahl, Art
Steere, Eugene A.
Swanberg, Alfred V.
Swetland, William D.