Kat Oak

COVID-19 Update

We are taking several precautions to make sure that a Museum visit during these uncertain times will not adversely affect the health of our visitors:

  • All public fixtures in the Museum (handrails, doorknobs, bathroom components, interactive exhibits) will be regularly and repeatedly sanitized on a daily basis.
  • All visitors to the Museum are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to wear facemasks when social distancing is not a possibility.
  • There will be numerous hand sanitizing stations set up on both floors and in multiple galleries of the Museum.
  • To promote social distancing, Museum capacity will be much lower than it has been previously. That being said, we do not anticipate an overflow: 22,000 square feet is a lot of space in which to spread out and remain “socially distant”!

Of course, everyone is always welcome at the Northwest Montana History Museum. However, if you have a cough, a fever, or are just feeling under the weather, we kindly ask that you visit us some other time; not only for your own health but for the well-being of our staff and other supporters.

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