A sea story hits the air

Whenever Alexis Allers contacts us from KGEZ with an invitation to a time slot, we love to go into the downtown Kalispell studio to talk about current and upcoming happenings at the museum.

This week museum volunteers Ken and Mary Miers (from right) and KGEZ hosts (from left) John Hendricks and Robin Mitchell discussed the museum’s newest exhibit, which the Mierses helped bring to fruition.

The Silent Service: A WWII Diving Denizen of the Deep showcases a Kalispell native’s harrowing underwater ordeal along with other features of submarines, such as sea dogs. Come to the museum and see this unique offering, especially if you missed the discussion about it on the air.

There’s always something new to see, do, and browse at the Northwest Montana History Museum! KGEZ, with its similar focus on the local and regional news, keeps helping us spread the word.

Thank you!