Early Resident Honor Roll

The Early Resident Honor Roll honors those whose integrity, hard work, and belief in the future shaped the town of Kalispell.

Our goal is to highlight some of the people who created the legal, judicial, civic, industrial, religious, and educational foundations of our Valley.

Do you have an ancestor or know of an early pioneer who helped establish settlements in Northwest Montana?

These were hardy folks with hopes, dreams, and a belief in the future.

With skill, determination, and hard work, they created the civic, judicial, commercial, religious, and educational foundations of our communities.

The Northwest Montana Historical Society believes these valiant pioneers deserve to be honored and their stories preserved.

To that end, the Northwest Montana History Museum has established a place of honor for these early residents, along with a memory book to record their colorful histories.

Your ancestors or others you know of can be part of the museum’s Early Resident Honor Roll.

This opportunity is open to honor these pioneers and, at the same time, support the valuable work of the Northwest Montana Historical Society.

Early Residents are honored with two pages of photos and biographical information in an album placed with the Museum display.

A tax-deductible $1,000 gift to the Museum places Early Residents in the display, preserves their history, and helps ensure the long-term health of the Northwest Montana Historical Society and the educational programs we provide.

There are no date restrictions on the Early Resident Honor Roll, so anyone who has significantly contributed to the history of Northwest Montana can be included!

Interested in submitting an Early Resident for the Honor Roll? Please contact us for details.