Movie Night does some matchmaking

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – Monday, August 23, 7:00pm

The Northwest Montana History Museum is happy to announce the next Movie Night at the Museum on Monday, Aug. 23, with the 1954 classic musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!

Milly (Jane Powell) is excited to move in with her new husband Adam (Howard Keel ), picturing a life of domestic bliss. She is less excited by what she finds, a pig sty occupied by Adam and his six rough-and-tumble brothers.  After living with Milly, the brothers decide they want to find wives of their own; apparently, there is a fine line between “finding” and “abducting”.

Though still very much considered a great work of classic cinema, much of the discussion around Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in recent decades has been of the themes of sexism and women’s rights.  In fact, in a more modern lens, elements of the film are more easily viewed as satire than actual plot points. To illustrate, the following alliterative slogan was used to promote the film in 1954:

  • Adam abducted Milly
  • Benjamin brought Dorcas
  • Caleb caught Ruth
  • Daniel detained Martha
  • Ephraim eloped with Liza
  • Frank fetched Sarah
  • Gideon grabbed Alice